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Health and Weight Loss

Do you need to lose weight or do you have health issues? Feeling run down? Constantly tired? Lost interest in sex? Or suffering from ME, IBS, Endometriosis?

Performance Nutrition

As an athlete, running your body on nutrient-poor food is a sure-fire way to continually under-perform. After all, your body can only use what you feed it...

Food & Health Writing

Lucy-Ann is an established health and food writer regularly contributing to a number of local and national magazines...

Contract Catering

Lucy-Ann works in partnership with bespoke contract caterers developing a series of Simply Nutrition meal ranges bringing together the latest food trends, “superfoods” and sound nutritional science.

Lucy-Ann Prideaux

Lucy-Ann Prideaux Registered Nutritionist

What people say

Dear Lucy-Ann – thrilled with your report and I am trying to follow it – to the letter! I am most grateful for all the care you have taken – sincerely…


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