Lucy-Ann Prideaux

MSc BSc RNutr

LA-polaroidAfNRNutrLogo0214CDuring her expansive career of over 25 years in health, fitness and nutrition, Lucy-Ann has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in sectors such as health foods, meal planning and meal design, sports performance, public health, food and health journalism, business, and corporate health and well-being.

She has in-depth knowledge of food, nutritional science, sports nutrition, digestive health, weight management, women’s health and special diets. Lucy-Ann works with many types of individuals and couples looking to optimise health, body shape or fitness performance.

She also runs health food and wellness retreats, holds consultancy roles in the food and catering industry, is a freelance writer, magazine contributor, and member of the Guild of Health Writers.

My role as a practising Nutritionist…

I work with a wide range of clients in the Home Counties of Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire, and London – from members of the general public, to sportsmen and women (competitive and recreational) who seek nutritional support, guidance and education, or who want to lose weight, eat healthily, or are training for an athletic event or sport. The nature of this work involves nutrition coaching and education, food diary analysis, and assessment of general nutritional status, formulating energy and dietary requirements, and giving necessary advice and recommendations, ideas, strategies, and follow-up support.

I also design menus for health and wellness retreats, as well as run my own health food retreats in the UK, and France, which incorporate activities such as hiking, Pilates and Yoga.

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