Gluten Free

“I was introduced to Lucy-Ann through a mutual friend who had made a remarkable recovery from a serious illness by following Lucy-Ann’s dietary advice. Her proven track record was absolutely essential in my being able to even contemplate making some changes to my diet. Straight away, I knew I was in competent hands and I trusted her to advise me.

Although I felt I was relatively well educated about my food choices, I was suffering from almost constant nausea, felt completely dis-interested in food, but felt very uncertain about what practical changes I could make, so I had done nothing. There was a lot of fear and resistance in beginning this work, but she seemed to really understand that it can be scary for people to begin a programme of change.

I am a Coeliac and already follow a very strict gluten free diet. Lucy-Ann understood my situation completely and stepped me through her process. The structured approach really gave me a feeling of being in safe hands and I completed my food diary fastidiously every day. When it came to receiving her recommendations, she introduced changes to my diet in a gentle way, making sure I understood what I was doing and why.

I really appreciated the fact her advice was tailor made for my specific situation, not just a generic gluten free diet, which I’d already been following. I found the changes surprisingly easy to integrate into my normal routine and my symptoms disappeared very quickly.

I found that I was full, even though I thought I might be hungry and what was even nicer was that I lost some excess weight from my stomach, even though that was not my original intention. It was a very pleasant side effect! I have not returned to my old eating pattern and I now feel so much better.

I find myself craving fresh fruit if I go away, something I hardly ate before and the impact is rubbing off on my family, who are also eating a healthier diet than they were before. I would heartily recommend Lucy-Ann to anyone who feels they need to take control of their diet for whatever reason. I cannot thank her enough for the insight she has brought me. Her guidance, support and encouragement have enabled me to make lasting change.” Lisa Dorey, Surrey

Transformation Day

“I booked a Transformation Day with Lucy-Ann. The specific advice tailored to me, focusing on what I like and my nutritional needs was what I was looking for, as so many “diets” and “meal plans” don’t suit individual needs. It was a relief to just talk to someone who knew exactly what foods are healthy, and those that are not! There is so much conflicting advice out there from people with ulterior motives which is really confusing.

The information pack I received from Lucy-Ann was very useful too, and I refer back to it a lot to remind myself what I’m doing. The venue was perfect, very quiet, and private. Lunch was lovely, and it was very useful to talk through how I should approach meals out in restaurants.

Thank you to Lucy-Ann for being so caring and understanding. I never felt judged for my weird relationship with food and the emotional connections I have with it.

I now feel like I’m eating food that I enjoy eating whilst still taking care of my body. I really think this is going to be the start of a new way of living and eating for the rest of my life that will make me feel so much better about myself!” J Pamir, Crawley, West Sussex

Leaner and Fitter

“I guess like so many others I thought that so long as I was training hard I could eat what I like, but it was only when I was introduced to Lucy-Ann Prideaux that it started to sink in that what you are putting into your body was just as important as the training you were doing. Within 3 months of working with Lucy-Ann I was a stone lighter and more importantly “leaner”, but just as strong so my power to weight ratios were massively improved. As I still continue under Lucy-Ann’s guidance (some 10 months on) I find myself learning more and more about my body and what I can/can’t eat, which is crucial in my long term goal of reducing my body fat further.

It really is amazing learning that so many so called “healthy foods” are not right for me, and my specific body type. Without Lucy-Ann’s input I would still be blind to all of this.

I think the biggest challenge for busy people like myself, is coming to terms with that fact that if you are organised it really isn’t that difficult to prepare good nutritious meals. When I started with Lucy-Ann I did wonder how I’d fit it all in!

But with Lucy Ann’s understanding of my busy life (I run a large company, am married with 3 children), and the strategies and ideas she gave me, we soon got it working well.

I remember thinking (on more than one occasion) how, before getting Lucy-Ann on board I would happily stand in a queue in a garage for 10 minutes waiting to buy a so-called healthy sandwich (full of all the wrong things).

Now I can knock together a delicious healthy salad at home the night before which is cheaper as well!

I would definitely recommend Lucy Ann’s services, and coaching to anyone who is serious about long term, and safe weigh and fat loss”. Chris Long, Camberley, Surrey

“Dear Lucy-Ann, working with you on my nutrition has made a real difference to my diet, my health and my energy levels. In less than 3 months I have shed a stone and a half in weight and generally feel so much better than I did before. You have a real passion for health and nutrition, and I have found your advice and insights invaluable. This new way of eating and living is my way forward and I fully intend to keep it going. Thank you.” Lynne Butler, Eastbourne, East Sussex

“Hi Lucy-Ann. Just a quick email to say hello and thank you for SimplyNutrition365. It has been great to have a little reminder everyday and has helped keep the Sutton household on track in 2010! Thanks again.” Sarah Sutton, Maidstone, Kent

“Hi Lucy-Ann, Just a small token to say thank you from all of us for a thoroughly enjoyable morning. Thank you for giving up your time to come and see us. All the best for the future. Best wishes from all of us at “Bosom Buddies”. Breast Cancer Support Group, Eastbourne DGH.

“Hi Lucy-Ann, Thank you so much for all your hard work with my nutrition. This last year has been massive in altering my food choices, trusting that what I have been eating would hold me through the half Ironman in Switzerland and making significant changes to my weight and general health. Thank you so so much. Again, Thank you!” Claire Cresswell, Hassocks, West Sussex

“Thanks for today, it was a really, really useful session for me. I’m becoming much more aware of what I do and need to do, I just need to get better at managing the scenarios that put me badly off course.

I really do appreciate the improvements we’ve made together and perhaps we’re fortunate in that we can see results with me in other ways than just the scales!

I am convinced that as an individual we have to do all we can to help ourselves on a natural level. Today will allow to further progress I think. Thank you.” SB, North of England

Better Health

“Dear Lucy-Ann… A HUGE thank you for all you have done in helping me towards better health. Having you at the end of e-mail and in the background throughout, spurring me on has made such a difference. I could not have done it without you! Here is to even more improvement over the coming months.” Andrea Beadle, Maidstone, Kent.


“I initially signed up to SimplyNutrition365 after I saw you at a press workshop on nutrition, as part of a Running Inn weekend. Your belief and positivity impressed me at the time, though I did initially also think SimplyNutrition365 would be most useful in getting content ideas!

However, I’m also surprised at myself in still actively reading your site’s emails every day! I think that’s partly because the notes for each day are bite-sized and manageable, and it’s nice to get a motivating reminder, that helps keep me on track with my personal goals. It’s easy to want to eat better and more naturally, but it does become more practical when there’s a timely reminder about balancing carbs and proteins, or with interesting recipe ideas.

I particularly like the fact that it’s not just focused on food, but on positive thinking and mental well-being. I’m still far from perfect and I still eat things I know I shouldn’t, but much less often!

I try to remember things like healthy role models and the way I talk to myself. Getting the daily emails always makes a small, but valued difference to my day. Best wishes and I hope the site continues to keep growing!” Anonymous, Magazine Editorial Manager

“Lucy-Ann. Just a quick update… I am feeling a lot better! I’m now eating lots more green and fresh raw food. My quality of sleep has improved by at least 50%, my energy levels are up and my jeans are now a baggy fit! Ian is also enjoying trying new meals and eating better.

He has improved all his PB’s 10,25,50,100 mile distances on the bike. We have now completely refreshed our whole approach to food and healthy eating. Thank you!” Sarah Sutton, Endurance Cyclist, Maidstone, Kent, UK

“Thank you for SimplyNutrition365! Whilst I’d like to think that my knowledge in nutrition is good… I learn more than just one new thing every time I read one of the “dailys”. The information is fresh, up to date and very easy to take on board as well as apply to your daily routine. Don’t think that you are just subscribing for your “diet” – you’ll be subscribing for your whole self!

SimplyNutrition365 is a truly holistic program – a very well thought out starting point to turn your lifestyle and eating habits around completely – if that’s what you’re after!

You’ll be guaranteed as much support as you need, endless inspiration and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Lucy-Ann will never leave a question unanswered and will always make you feel welcome to ask, discuss or debate! She has seemly unending time and energy for her clients and will a help you find solutions effortlessly.” Zoe Gordon, Sydney, Australia

Soul Food

“Hi Lucy-Ann, I just wanted to tell you, I really enjoy my “daily bread” and I look forward to reading it each morning. I’ve tried some of the recipes and have become addicted to pumpkin and coconut soup!

I find the breakfast mousses especially good if I’m training after breakfast and need something light but packed with the right nutrients. However by far my favourite part is “Soul Food” which gives my brain food for thought. I often tab down at the start of the week, as I’m too impatient to wait!” Tracey Webb, Chichester, West Sussex

7-day “calorie-cycling” fat loss diet

“My partner and I have for the past 4 weeks been following Lucy-Ann’s ‘7-day “calorie-cycling” fat loss diet’. It’s been absolutely brilliant. Not only do the inches fall away from your waistline, but you also feel much, much healthier in general – no more post-lunch sag, no more horrible bloated feeling.

Also the meals are so varied and tasty and they’re dead easy to make.

It’s completely re-educated our diets and our taste buds! It’s also been a fantastically practical menu for us, as we’re able to take our lunches and snacks to work without having to worry about cooking them.

The evening meals are always something to look forward to. I highly recommend this diet – apart from anything else it’s given me some great new recipe ideas!” Martin Barge, London (UK)

“Hi Lucy-Ann, I thought I just let you know that I have now lost just over a stone so am well on the way to reaching my target. My digestive system has also settled down so that is helpful too. Many thanks for all your help and advice which I am still following and intend to continue doing so.” SW, Hailsham, East Sussex

Help! Why am I gaining weight?

Having always struggled with my weight, I had finally had enough! Believe me, I am no couch potato, and even after having run 2 marathons, and 4 half marathons this year, I still managed to put on 6kg’s! Everyone seemed to have an answer. Was I was eating the wrong foods? Someone said I was perhaps eating too much dairy- what has that got to do with weight loss?

In any case, I only consumed skimmed milk and fat free Greek yogurt? Was it my alcohol intake – at 1/2 a bottle a week, surely not! I was truly fed up. I’d given up mostly everything and I was surviving by measuring all my food, counting calories and driving my friends mad.

I just didn’t understand why my body was gaining weight.

My doctor did all she could, but once the blood tests came back normal, she recommended I contact a Nutritionist.

So I did.

Lucy-Ann has been fantastic and at last I feel I can communicate with someone who really understands. Her knowledge of nutrition is incredible.

Lucy-Ann has given me a detailed analysis of possible solutions (milk intolerance being one) and has pointed me toward a new diet regime and way of eating.

This has included trying new foods and having a more varied diet. The best news is, I have lost significant weight! Thank you Lucy-Ann.

I’m still on a journey to find out how to make my body strong and maintain energy for my sport – but I feel food is on my side now and not working against me! Emma Felton, Liverpool

A lovely thank you…

Just wanted to say a big thank you Lucy-Ann for such an inspiring and informative evening. Your huge enthusiasm for healthy eating and your passion for both organic and locally produced foods really inspired me to take a look at my current diet and make some much needed changes.

Hopefully I am now on my way to a healthier and happy me!!!!! Ann Hibbert, Eastbourne

Food and finances

It’s said that once you’re in control of your food and finances, then you’re in control of your life. I’ll leave the topic of money for now but what a difference it has made to at last feel in control of my diet- from buying and cooking food- to enjoying great meals with family and friends!

I first visited Lucy-Ann a few years ago when I realised that if I continued with my then current life-style, I would end up very unfit and unhealthy. I knew I had to do something.

After keeping a diary for a week, and having my diet analysed I was shocked, but unsurprised as to her findings.

Changes were needed, and Lucy-Ann gave me the necessary help and guidance to achieve my goals. She made the process far simpler than I could ever have imagined, or done by myself. I now see her once every six months and these visits give me the encouragement to carry on with a lifestyle I now feel totally in control of.

You truly are what you eat and I can now relish every meal, snack and treat, knowing that its nourishing my body, and keeping my weight stable.

To be guided and not criticised, to be offered recipe ideas and shown how to implement them into my life has been a huge and positive step in my life.

So much so that Lucy-Ann has recently been preparing me for a marathon with tips and advice on nutrition for training – something I never would have dreamed possible a few years ago. Thank you Lucy-Ann! Sarah Trayler, Ditchling, East Sussex

Body Clinic

Having Lucy-Ann stand up in front of you each week is a bit like having all your favourite Health/Fitness or Beauty magazine Editors all rolled into one, but this one really knows her stuff!

For anyone who has ever stood in front of a Supermarket shelf, groaning under the weight of 62 different breakfast cereals, thinking, “What on earth should I choose?” you don’t need to go any further than the Body Clinics.

The best thing of all is you get to pick the brains of a “LIVE”, and really knowledgeable Nutritionist.

Each week is different, and always enlightening, interesting and informative. Lucy-Ann is always ready to answer any individual questions too… it really is great stuff! Barbara Washington – Eastbourne, East Sussex

Highs and lows

‘Ups and Downs’, ‘highs and lows’ are now a thing of the past.

My appetite is steady, my weight stable, my sleeping sound and I don’t feel as if I am going crazy! I am well, strong, re-energised and very very happy – all sorted out by this wonderful lady Lucy-Ann Prideaux. Sarah Johnson, “Le Roc” Dance Instructor, UK Jive Dance Champion, 2002.

Dear Lucy-Ann, Thank you so much for today. I can’t tell you how brilliant you are and how much you have helped me. Please don’t think you need to reply to this email. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your help. See you soon. Love Sue. Sue W, Eastbourne, East Sussex


Dear Lucy-Ann, Thank you so much for your checklists and the daily ” inspirations”. You are an inspiration all by yourself quite apart from all the other excellent advice and invaluable reminders! I always feel so heartened and positive after I’ve been to see you! Thanks a million. Elizabeth, West Dean

Life-enhancing changes

Dear Lucy-Ann, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me in such a short space of time. You have bought about life-enhancing changes and I am so much more positive as a result.

I am so grateful for your sound advice and sympathetic ear, not to mention your systematic and effective approach. You also explain everything so clearly, which is a stark contrast to what I am used to with my various consultants! What a blessing that I found you!

I really do feel for the first time in I don’t know how long (ever?) that I am in the process of turning the corner – thanks to you. Many thanks. EM, East Sussex

Physical and psychological well being

“I was recommended to Lucy-Ann by a friend and combined my initial visit to her with the appointment of a personal trainer, recommended by Lucy-Ann to compliment her nutritional analysis, advice and support.

Lucy-Ann’s professional instinct proved to be a powerful combination… I am delighted to confirm that as a direct result, within a matter of 2-3 weeks my physical and psychological well being had dramatically improved. Lucy-Ann helped me to reconsider my entire approach to nutrition and the function, role and effect of food.

Although not in a poor state of health, I visited her at a time when I considered myself to have neglected my body and was subsequently suffering from the early onset on the inevitable ageing process!

Lucy-Ann allowed me to interrupt this process and take back control of my body, preventing sluggishness and sub-standard performance due to my poor diet and mis-informed exercise routines.

All her advice has benefited me enormously; with up-to-date information and helpful practical tips that I shall continue to employ throughout my life.

This has been a life-altering education with changes that other members of my family are now using, a nutritional philosophy my wife and I will not hesitate using with the feeding and development of our 9 month old son.” Michael Duke, Eastbourne

Weight Loss and Asthma

“Dear Lucy-Ann, I had to pen to paper to let you know what is happening; I have lost 35lbs to date. The weight loss is slowing down, but I am now able to step up my exercise slowly, which should kick start the weight loss further.

The most exciting aspect though is my asthma… just 4 weeks ago, I would still need to use my inhaler regularly when walking, and my chest would get very stressed, even small inclines were like mountains.

It now seems that overnight, my asthma has improved dramatically, I’m hardly using my inhaler at the moment, each lunchtime I go for a walk, and I am walking quickly.

My legs feel strong and my lungs feel calm; any over exertion doesn’t cause the pain and discomfort I have grown accustomed to over the years.

This is a real breakthrough and can only be down to my diet. I truly believe I have found a ‘cure’ to keeping this illness at bay. I am so happy. Thank you Lucy-Ann for your continued help and encouragement.” Lisa, Stone Cross, E. Sussex

Dear Lucy, I am at home in Italy for Xmas and my parents, not having seen me for a year, could not believe the difference in me! I look so much healthier, and feel great, always full of energy!! I would like to thank you sincerely for all your help. Nathalia, Hailsham, E. Sussex

Simply Nutrition Recipe Book

“Lucy-Ann’s recipes are so easy-to-make and taste so delicious that you won’t even notice you’re being healthy! They’re a joy to cook and to eat. But, if you do want to know about all the nutritional nuts and bolts, it’s there for you to digest at a quick glance.

It’s great to know exactly what the energy and fat content are, for instance, in each portion so that you can get a clear idea of how much you’re eating and how to balance your meals throughout the day.

Lucy-Ann is clearly passionate about eating well and feeling good, and the Simply Nutrition Recipe Book is testament to this.” Jessica Eveleigh, health and fitness journalist and writer, www.jesseve.com

Essential Guide to Losing Weight…

“Dear Lucy-Ann, many thanks for “The Essential Guide to Losing Weight”. This is a comprehensive approach to this complex subject, which tackles the more difficult issues such as motivation, in a simple and straightforward way. It will be a great help for many people who struggle daily with their weight and need a background of knowledge on which to base their efforts. This is a great achievement”. Dr J. McG

“This is a very readable and well organised booklet, which brings together many aspects of weight loss. It clearly details the importance of a balanced diet, the reasons for this, and most importantly, how this can be achieved. It also highlights the value of exercise and the reasons why this is a vital aspect of the entire process.

Lucy-Ann stresses the importance of instilling the right frame of mind and how self-confidence and self-affirmation is necessary to achieve success and suggests some good ideas to change our thinking patterns.

Lucy-Ann has succeeded in compiling a very comprehensive step-by-step guide to successfully losing weight – nothing faddy, just plain sense! It is sprinkled with tasty healthy recipes for optimum success.

This booklet can easily be read and re-read for refocusing the mind when temptation strikes! Highly recommended”. Anna Reid – Head Teacher, Eastbourne

Successful weight loss

“Just when you think you know it all, or at best, have read it all – Lucy-Ann comes up with “Successful weight loss” – a book that doesn’t just challenge, but actually cancels some previously held beliefs about nutrition.

I now know why so many people are overweight, and struggling! Great explanations, answers and strategies – I loved it!” Mrs B. Washington