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Neti Pot Cleansing for nasal congestion

Neti Pot Cleansing is best described as “nasal washing” or “sinus cleansing”. It involves the use of a ceramic “Neti Pot” (which looks rather like a mini watering can!), filled with a salt-water solution. In some therapeutic settings, herbal extract solutions may be used. In some parts of the world, neti cleansing is as common, [...]

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Five foods that relieve a headache

Ginger – previously noted for it’s anti-nausea effects, ginger (either alone or combined with the herb feverfew) has been found to be a safe and effective pain relief for headache and migraine. Ginger is rich in gingerol oils, effective natural anti-inflammatory agents.  Oatmeal – magnesium has been found to stop migraines, so eating foods rich [...]

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Foods to lift any damp spirits!

As I write, it's summer! Well... sort of... it's actually pouring with rain! One of the best things about summer is the effect it has on people's mood and general demeanour. People tend to be (and feel) happier, more positive, and invariably, more energetic too. I believe it's mostly to do with getting a much [...]

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"Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are."  Chinese Proverb Modern-day life presents the human body with quite a challenge - physically, mentally and "energetically". The amount of electricity, electro-magnetic energy (computers, TVs, microwaves, mobile phones etc.) all contributes to a magnificent "wave" of electrical currents that our very own [...]

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Ever contemplated a detox?

Before embarking on anything that involves your health and your body, isn't it worth having a good understanding of what it is you're trying to achieve? I think so, and with so many tempting "celebrity detox diets", "mastercleanses" and "uber-washouts", here's my low-down on safely and effectively cleaning up your diet, your body.... and your [...]

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Things I’ve learned…

1) How much I love "Beet it" organic beetroot and apple juice! Beetroot juice has been in the news several times in recent months, and for very good reason! Scientists have shown it's naturally high nitrate content readily converts to nitric oxide in the body, boosting blood flow and delivery of oxygen. This has health [...]

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How to successfully make healthy food choices…

Whenever we make a concsious decision to change an old habit, or let go of something that's holding us back, it often comes as a bit of surprise, that once the initial surge of motivation wears thin, we realise it's not as easy as we thought it was going to be! In fact, it's really quite hard, and [...]

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Care of the female body – Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 of "Care of the female body with nutrition and lifestyle", here in Part 2, I look at the importance of bowel health, the environment, specific supplements for women and the mind-body connection... The importance of bowel health... Bowel health is crucial to so many aspects of health. In fact, I’d [...]

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The Beauty and Power of Water

When we read or hear recommendations about health, or healthy ways of living that we've heard over and over again, we often stop listening! We become a bit complacent, often saying to ourselves "I already know that, and I already do that". This must certainly be the case with water! How many times have you heard about the importance [...]

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Healthy Sunbathing – 9 Key Tips

* Firstly, consider the sun as your friend, and don’t be sun-phobic. Take advantage of all its beneficial effects while avoiding the damaging effects due to chronic excessive exposure. * Identify your skin type and sunbathe sensibly. Darker skins have more melanin, which filters out a lot of the UV rays. * Frequent, short exposures [...]

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