Do you take sugar…

If I asked you the question, “Do you take sugar?”, you may think I’m simply referring to your daily cuppa!? I am in fact, referring more to your intake of sugar via everyday foods, some of which you may even think is “healthy”! Taking sugar in tea or coffee is one thing – we choose to add it, we can “see” we are adding it, we know it’s in there, and we now how much is in there. However, “taking sugar” in every day foods is something quite different, and something many people are completely unaware of. If you eat any of the following foods on a regular basis (cereal bars, cereals, sauces, soups, bottled water (!!), chocolate, canned drinks etc.), you most definitely “do take sugar”! I think some of this list is going to shock you – it did me, and I am rarely shocked these days with regards to modern-day diets and frankenstein foods! This is by no means an exhaustive list, and even if you don’t eat these particular foods, it’s worth simply noting and being more aware of just how sugar makes it’s way into every area of modern-day food manufacturing. This insidious ingredient is a known causative factor in modern-day disease and obesity, contributing significantly to weight problems, difficulty in losing weight, blood sugar disorders, digestive problems and even mood disorders. I urge you all to be much more aware of your own sugar intake and simply keep it to an absolute minimum!

The following information on sugar content is for either a standard size or serving of the listed food, unless otherwise stated…

Cereal bars and chocolate bars

Nutri Grain cereal bar – 12.0g or 2.4 tsp of sugar

Nature Valley Crunch Bar – 12.0g or 2.4 tsp of sugar

Small Galaxy Bar – 25.5g or 5.1 tsp of sugar

Special K Bar – 8g or 1.4 tsp of sugar

Rice Krispies Squares – 10g or 2 tsp of sugar

Snickers Bar – 26.2g or 5.2 tsp of sugar

Mars Bar – 34.6g or 7 tsp of sugar

Eat Natural Bar – 14% glucose which equates to 4.9 tsp of sugar

Sesame Snaps – 15.9g or 3.1 tsp of sugar


Jar of Dolmio sauce (750g) – 50.2g or 10 tsp of sugar

Jar of Loyd Grossman Pasta Sauce (350g) – 16.8g or 3.4 tsp of sugar

Jar of Seeds of Change Organic Pasta Sauce – Tomato & Chilli – 29.4g or 5.9 tsp of sugar

Soups and one pot meals…

Heinz Tomato Soup (200g or 1/2 can) – 9.8g or 2 tsp of sugar

Tesco Classic Cream of Tomato (1/2 carton) – 15.5g or 3.1 tsp of sugar

Tomato and Basil Soup (1/2 carton) – 14.6g or 2.9 tsp of sugar

Covent Garden Butternut Squash soup (1/2 carton) – 6.3g or 1.2 tsp of sugar

Pot of Waitrose “Love Life” Prawn Jambalaya – 11.2g or 2.2 tsp of sugar

Pot of Waitrose “Love Life” Prawn Laksa – 11.2g or 2.2 tsp of sugar

Pot of Waitrose “Love Life” Moroccan Chicken and Chickpea – 15.6g or 3.1 tsp of sugar

Bottled waters, juices and canned drinks

Glaceau Vitamin Water – 23g or 4.6 tsp of sugar

Glass of Tropicana orange juice (200ml) – 20g or 4 tsp of sugar

Can of Coca Cola – 35g or 10 tsp of sugar

Can of Red Bull – 11g or 2.2 tsp of sugar

Breakfast cereals (45g servings)

Dorset Simply Delicious Muesli – 13.2g or 2.6 tsp of sugar

Dorset Honey Granola – 11.6g sugar or 2.3 tsp of sugar

Alpen Original Muesli – 10.4g or 2.1 tsp of sugar

Special K Red Berries – 10.4g or 2.1 tsp of sugar

Kelloggs Crunchy Nut – 16g or 3.2 tsp of sugar

Kelloggs Fruit and Fibre – 11g or 2.2 tsp of sugar

* How to check the amount of sugar in your foods… It’s very easy to check for sugar content. On the Nutrition Label, look at the Carbohydrate content, which will be given in grams. Then look just below it at the “Of which sugars”. Note this number in grams, and divide by 5. This will give you the sugar content in teaspoons. N.B. 5 grams = 1 tsp

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  • October 7, 2012 at 8:41 am

    HI Lucy – Is their a different between sugar being added to the item and naturally occurring sugars? For example you mention that Tropicana has 4 tsp of sugar, is that sugar that has been added or is that found to be naturally occurring in oranges?

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