Lose Weight & Get Lean + Sports Performance

Do you struggle to lose weight… to get lean and STAY lean? Do you find yourself lurching from diet to diet or doubting that you will ever have the optimum body size and shape you really want?

Understanding how your body works, and why ‘diets & dieting’  fail in the long-term is the only sure-fire way to achieve successful and sustainable weight loss.

There are some general guidelines which will work some people, but because each and every one of us has individual needs, and individual body types, for best results, I would encourage you to take a more personalised approach.

Why not embark on my highly effective Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment…

Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment

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Performance Nutrition

Are you fuelling (and re-fuelling) your body correctly? Has your training become an excuse to overeat or eat unhealthily? How do you view the quality of your food? Do you hear yourself saying, “Eating this won’t matter, I’ll just burn it off tomorrow!”

As an athlete, running your body on nutrient-poor food is a sure-fire way to continually under-perform. After all, your body can only use what you feed it for its building blocks. For the sportsman or woman, 5 star nutrition is every bit as important as your training. To put it plainly, you will never reach your full potential or achieve your best results unless you accept and embrace this simple truth.

There are some general guidelines which will work for you to improve your overall energy and performance levels, but because everyone has individual needs, training loads and bodies – for best results, I would encourage you to undertake a fully personalised nutritional assessment and coaching programme.

Just to say that I am feeling much better and have managed to keep to my new diet! My weight has stabilised and my running times have improved! Thank you very much for all your advice. Tanya, Bexhill, E. Sussex


Whether you are an elite and seasoned performer, recreational athlete, swimmer or gym-goer, I have been designing and tweaking diets for those looking to improve performance, boost recovery, lose body fat or gain strength throughout my 20 year career in nutrition and fitness.

I have expertise in optimising the “foundation diet” of an individual/athlete… i.e. what you eat on a day-to-day basis. Ensuring effective timing and quantity of eating is assessed too as well as recognising and working with individual body “type” and unique metabolism.

I am also a specialist in optimising digestive function and ensuring proper nutrient absorption and assimilation.

Work with Me…

I travel, meet or visit clients at their homes or offices, or at a convenient meeting spot. This makes it easy and simple to book 1:1 time with me that fits in with your lifestyle.

I work with a “framework” of 3 visits/sessions with individuals over a period of 6-8 weeks.

3 visits/sessions over a 6-8 week period

Individuals – £350

Couples/partners – £495