Meet Lucy-Ann

Lucy-Ann Prideaux with Samson

“I have always loved working with people, from when I was a young 23-year old aerobics instructor and Personal Trainer, to a busy and sought-after Sports Nutritionist and current 50-year old Registered Nutritionist and Health professional! I am a born teacher and especially love working with others when I know I am potentially making a big difference to their health, physical and mental performance, and their life.

Watching people transform, experience a new level of energy and well-being, and helping them reach their “health potential” is magical! It’s also a privilege.

From competitive sport to simply wanting to stay healthy and happy, my own journey in health and nutrition has, so far, lasted over 25 years.

I have a first class degree in Sports Science, a postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition & Metabolism, achieved Registration status as a Nutritionist in 2001, and trained in Ayurvedic Medicine – as an Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Practitioner. I am also trained in Face Massage, and Face Exercising.

I have learned the importance of a healthy digestive system, and a healthy routine for the body and mind.

Personally, I have experimented, gone crazy healthy, let go a little, and now my approach to food,  and my approach with clients, is one of simplicity… simple, fresh, light and tasty food. Myself, I follow a largely plant-based diet, and have done for many years. I therefore enjoy, and have a particular specialism in advising clients who want to transition to vegetarian or vegan diets.

Food should never be the enemy, and I relish in helping people fall in love with food again, find a happy balance with their diet, and teach them to be respectful of food, and see how and where food sits in life, and the rightful role it plays in health and longevity.

Along the way, I have seen just how many people (especially women) experience deep unhappiness, through a poor relationship with food, which of course, is closely connected to the relationship they have with themselves.

So, part of my work is to create effective strategies to help women break free from emotional eating and body “dysmorphia”, and help them find some happiness in themselves again.

Another area I have many years of experience, and success in, is assisting people in losing weight. At whatever age, and stage of life a person is at, weight loss IS achievable. Once you know how the body and mind work together, the journey can begin, and the challenge can be overcome.

On a personal level… above everything, I love feeling good, and I love feeling healthy and energetic! And I know a good diet is paramount to all this. So, I really do practise good, simple and natural Nutrition.

I enjoy travelling, experiencing diverse cultures and cuisines, enjoy swimming and most of all hiking with my dog, Samson!

I never get too stressed and two bereavements in 2016 taught me to live “in the now”… in this moment, to let go, trust in life, and just be happy!