Health Issues


Steven Cooke collaboration

In 2007 I decided to run a series of culinary classes for the public. I selected, and consequently teamed up with freelance Executive chef, Steven Cooke ( to stage a series of 5 nutrition-themed culinary events for the public. The classes began with an informative talk, followed by food and recipe demonstrations, and food tastings. [...]


Health Issues

Do you suffer from poor health, low energy, stress-related health problems> Feeling run down all the time? Constantly tired? Catching cold after cold? Lost interest in sex? Or perhaps you are suffering from something more specific like ME, IBS, Endometriosis, Candida or Thrush etc.? The good news is that all these conditions can be alleviated through fuelling your body [...]


I was selected to take part in a month-long web chat service for Kellogg’s (via the Live Guru service), being available to give advice and information on food and nutrition for customers.