Sports Performance Nutrition

Lucy-Ann is a Specialist in Sports “Performance” Nutrition and the resident nutritionist at Sportswise. Just to say that I am feeling much better and have managed to keep to my new diet! My weight has stabilised and my running times have improved! Thank you very much for all your advice. Tanya, Bexhill, E. Sussex Are you fuelling (and re-fuelling) your body correctly? Has your [...]

Lose weight

Weight Loss

Do you struggle to lose weight… to get lean and STAY lean? Do you find yourself lurching from diet to diet or doubting that you will ever have the optimum body size and shape you really want? Understanding how your body works, and why ‘diets & dieting’ fail in the long-term is the only sure-fire way [...]

Health Writer

Health Writer

Member of the Guild of Health Writers Regular contributor to 220 Triathlon Magazine – example piece “Lucy-Ann has been contributing to 220 Triathlon magazine for many many years, which is testament to the quality of work she produces, her depth of knowledge and passion for sports nutrition. And we hope to continue that relationship for [...]


Health Issues

Do you suffer from poor health, low energy, stress-related health problems> Feeling run down all the time? Constantly tired? Catching cold after cold? Lost interest in sex? Or perhaps you are suffering from something more specific like ME, IBS, Endometriosis, Candida or Thrush etc.? The good news is that all these conditions can be alleviated through fuelling your body [...]