Trout Nicoise Salad

A traditional French Nicoise salad is a very popular salad meal for many, and for good reason too! It’s delicious, nutritious and filling enough to be served as a main course meal. This version still uses many traditional ingredients but uses trout instead of tuna, and has a few added nutritional surprises too! Trout is [...]

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Is canned salmon good to eat?

Canned salmon can, in fact, be a great way to get oily fish regularly into the diet. It is especially useful for those who can’t always afford fresh fish, and since alot of canned salmon is wild, it is often a better alternative if your only source of fresh is farmed salmon. Do read labels [...]

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A vast majority of people living in the western world are known to eat too much fat. However, it’s not just the amount of fat that’s often a cause for concern (and a cause of disease), it’s that we’re simply not eating the right kinds of fat. The fats we really need for good health [...]

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