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Performance Nutrition…

strength-trainingI specialise in optimising diet and nutrition for sports performance. Whether you are an elite and seasoned performer, recreational athlete, swimmer or gym-goer, I have been designing and tweaking diets for those looking to improve performance, boost recovery, lose body fat or gain strength throughout my 20 year career in nutrition and fitness.

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Weight Loss

Lose weightI’ve been helping people lose weight successfully for over 20 years. During that time, I have devised several effective strategies that enable people to make any necessary practical changes, alter their relationships with food, implement new dietary habits, adopt new “eating styles” and learn much, much more about good food and good nutrition. Working with me is often a life-changing experience for them.

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Health and Disease…

Stressed all the timeI’ve successfully helped many people with “everyday” frustrating health problems such as low energy, digestive complaints, and IBS. I have also assisted those with more severe health conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Auto-immune diseases, Diabetes, Endometriosis, and even Brain Trauma.
In all cases, I look to see, and assess the extent to which “diet” and food choices either play a part in their disease state, make symptoms worse or have been a trigger or causative factor in the development of the disease.

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Health Writing

I have written for a number of health magazines and websites over the course of many

  • Consultation on food or health-related products and projects
  • Feature writing, product and food reviews
  • Lectures, talks or workshops  on a wide range of subjects relating to health, general nutrition, and sports/performance-related nutrition…

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Contract Catering Meal Development

Contract cateringLucy-Ann joined one of the leaders in the contract catering market – Talkington Bates, in 2013. Together, they have created 3 healthy meal ranges. The “Superfood” range, the “Energising” range and the “Light and Lean” range of meals are now being incorporated into staff restaurants across the UK.

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