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Lucy-Ann joined one of the leaders in the contract catering market – Talkington Bates, in 2013. Together, they have created 3 healthy meal ranges. The “Superfood” range, the “Energising” range and the “Light and Lean” range of meals are now being incorporated into staff restaurants across the UK.

Full details of this exciting project and collaboration can be seen here –

This exciting new partnership brings together the latest food trends, “superfoods” and sound nutritional science to create 3 meal ranges to meet the health and nutritional demands of customers and clients. For more information and enquiries, visit Talkington Bates –

If you think that I might be able to help you design your own catering range, contact me.

Simply Nutrition Meals

Here are a selection of the recipe cards that were developed in conjunction with Talkington Bates.

Click on the image to open the pdf recipe card in your browser or right click/control click to download to your computer.


Chickpea and Tomato Curry

Freekeh, courgette and pistachio salad

Asian spiced fish parcels

Hot Cucumber, Mango and Hempseed Salad

Chicken, cashew and leafy green stir-fryChicken-Cashew

Seaweed SlawSeaweed-Slaw